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10 Facts about Space which blows everyone's mind

Space is full of mysteries and always a place which people love to know about. For some people it's full of Mystery and for some it's the best place for adventure. Let's have a brief look to some facts about it which blows minds.

1. Time varies in Space according to gravitational influence.

According to the relativity theory of Albert Einstien, The more gravity is present, the slower time passes. Time almost freezes near the centre of Black Holes. Travelling with higher speed also results mass gain which leads to effect the rate of passing of time. This is Termed as "Time Dilation".

2. The Space-Time bends.

Anything with mass can bend the fabric of Space Time. The bending of space time causes objects to move in a curved path around other massive object. That Curvature of Space-Time is knwon as "Gravity".

3. There is no Day/Night in Space.

In Space, there is no horizon. There is no day time of night time in space. On earth we experience day and night due to rotation of earth and its perspective with respect to sun, but there is nothing like this in space.

4. There is a large volume of floating water in Space.

Astronomers have found water vapour cloud which is almost 10bn light years away. This clouds contains 140 trillion times the mass of water which is present on earth.

5. Outer Space is Completely silent.

The sound waves need medium to travel. When it comes to "hear" in space, its totally silent due to there is no medium for propagation of sound waves.

6. The mass of Sun is almost 99% of Entire Solar System's mass.

Our Sun is definitely the primary source of energy on earth, and it's so huge that all other objects appears to be negligible with respect to sun. It makes up more than 99% of the mass of entire solar system.

7. Milky Way galaxy is 105,700 ly wide and it would take 450 million years to travel to the centre to the galaxy using our modern spacecrafts.

8. The distance between Earth and it's moon can fit All of the planets in the solar system.

9. White Holes may exist, according to theories and mathematics.

White holes are said to be the reverse of Black Holes. Anything can not enter from outside in this region of Space-Time. It ejects matter and energy through it's jet.

10. Any free-moving liquid in outer space forms itself into a sphere.

When you drop some liquid in outer space, it will form as a sphere and this happens due to the surface tension of the liquid. Astronauts perform many experiments with water and the results were mind blowing.

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