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Astronaut's Tips to Handle Isolation for COVID-19 LockDown

Most of the People around the globe are isolating themself to reduced the spread of Corona Virus SARS COV-2. It's not a easy task for maximum of us to quarantine and live in isolation specially for those people who love to travel and do social interaction. Staying in space out of the atmosphere and interactive nature of earth is one of some most isolation conditions, astronauts say. It's wonder to know how astronauts manage to handle the isolation. Here are some tips by some Astronauts which were given by them during interviews.

Chris Hadfield's Guide to Self Isolation

Chris Hadfield at ISS. image by wikimedia commos

Chris Hadfield is a retired astronaut, engineer and former royal canadian air force fighter. He is also reputed as first canadian to walk in space and has served as commander of the Internaional Space Station. He has spent 166 days total in the Space.

Mr. Chris has recently published a video about his thought and advisory to manage the isolation period. He told, in Space based Structure (ISS) they do four different things.

1. Understand the actual risk, 2. Choose goals, 3. Take action 4. Repeat

Here is the video in which chrish has stated some points. He has advised to do things like read books, learn news language, learn to play some musical instruments, make blogs, etc.

Manage isolation with Astronaut Scott Kelly

image: wikimedia

Scott Kelly is a retired astronaut and US Navy Captain. His first spaceflight was as a pilot of Space Shuttle Discovery in 1999. He was born on feb 21, 1964 in Orange, New Jersey, U.S. Mr. Kelly is a veteran of four spaceflights. He has spent 520days 10hours 33mins in Space.

Mr. Kelly wrote" when i returned to earth, i missed the structure it provided and noticed the life without it". He said that we should take time for fun activities. After being confined in a small place for months, he started to crave nature. he started to feel the colours, natural beauty of earth, it's smell, etc. He also watched Game of Thrones Series twice. He has adviced to follow routine of entertaining ourselves inside home and learn new skills online. On earth, atleast we can move freely, walk in our home withoout any spacesuit.

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