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Due to Corona Virus, NASA temporarily stops Work on James Webb Space Telescope

NASA has been working to serve humanity through innovations and technical advancements from a long time. Currently James Webb Space Telescope, a prized mission of NASA may have to suffer delay due to spread of COVID-19, which is caused by Corona Virus. After many delayed dates, it was planned to launch on 31st March 2020 by the Rocket Ariane 5 ECA.

Image Credits: NASA

In an event it was announced by Mr. Zurbuchen, "we are going to talk about COVID-19 activities and how it affects us here in science. And then, as we do all day, we will go to business."

"Many persons have asked us about JAMES WEBB TELESCOPE, of course it will be impacted, even through this is one of out few top priorities, testing works and integration has been reduced already", he said.

The instrument is in California currently. The JWST is planned to be successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The observations through it will open new windows of space for NASA. It goals to decode the phenomena of formation of very first galaxies, formation of stars. It also includes the imaging of NOVAs, EXOPLANETs, etc.

image: wiki

The primary mirror segments are made of Beryllium and The each mirror segment of James Webb Space Telescope is coated by gold. JWST has been designed to have sensitivity to a range of wavelenghts from 0.6-28 micrometer. It will be also used to analyse the star KIC 8462852 which was observed to have abnormal light-curve properties.


  • JWST can withstand extreme cold temperature. it will be kept at temperature of -375 degree Farenheight to it's instruments to work properly.

  • The expected weight of it will be about 14000 pounds.

  • The sunshield of JWST is of dimension 70ft*48ft (size of a tennis court)

  • It will orbit the Sun and will be 940,000 miles from the earth.

  • The launch mass will be 6500kg.

  • The focal length of JWST is 131.4m

  • This is a Korsch Telescope.

  • The planned budget (current data) of James Webb Space Telescope is 9.66 billion US Dollar.

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