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Good News from Mars : NASA has fixed Mars Lander by hitting it with a Shovel

image credit: NASA

NASA's Insight Lander is one of few masterpieces by NASA. After it's launch on 5th May 2018, it was all the way to process its research journey or say Adventure. Trouble started when Mole, a heat probe of Insight, could not dig into the surface as planned.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

This problem occured due to lack of Friction which Mole needs to burrow into the soil. The NASA Insight team has announced about the progress is being made. It had already been announced that strategic planning is being done regarding giving a push to the Lander.

The twitter handle of Insight team has been active to provide the brief information about each major step and milestone. They twitted that "a bit of good news from mars : our new approach of using the robotic arm to push the mole appears to be working!"

The Insight Lander will help scientists to learn about the basic foundation of mars. By styding the Soil and rocks of the red planet, scientists will be able to gather information aboout how the rocky planet was formed. The lander has been providing the surface images, weather information and much more about mars.

Useful Link for other info about Insight :

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