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Download | "The Rotation of Planets" & "Triple Point of Water"

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Here comes brief description and download option of both the above topics.

The Rotation of planets:

We, the all living creatures on earth, are just like a small ant moving on a football. It experiences the football surface flat which is obviously not! The natural phenomenon which makes the day, night and season is the movement of our football (Earth). The Entire Universe is made up of enormous numbers of natural phenomenons which are nothing less than "mind boggling". Rotation of planetary objects are one of those. This Video represents the rotation of planets in our solar system.

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Triple Point of Water:

At some specific conditions of temperature and pressure, water freezes, melts and boils at the same time. And this happens with every element. This Specific point is called as Triple point.

by wikipedia

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